Welcome! While blogging has always been a dream of mine, I never imagined that I would actually muster up the courage to do it until my family, friends and husband finally convinced me to follow my heart and go for it! Always obsessed with fashion, I found myself having the overwhelming desire to share my personal style and inspirations with others which lead me to one thing…Leather and Lace! I am so excited to finally have an outlet to display the styles and trends I am currently coveting! When trying to come up with a name that would perfectly represent me and my style, Leather and Lace felt just right simply because it implies “femininity with a twist of edge” which I believe describes my wardrobe to a tee. I am a 25 year old girl living in New York City with my husband and living out my dream of hopefully inspiring others with my every day outfits and style tips! Thank you so much for your support, it is much appreciated!

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